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With the full grown voices gathered still
she’s ushered off to bed
Tear stained disappointment at engineered unfairness
through the lights yet lit she’s led

Promises of better days are poured into her ears
to assuage the loss of nightly hours
while the mysterious majesty of child deprived dark
is peopled with unseen splendors stolen away

But there’s more to her reluctance
than her salt stained cheeks would tell
Something hidden in the fog of things that children know which,
worn away by the dangerous reassurance of an insubstantial frame
built from nothing, urges her eyes to fierce waking

It tells her not to trust in
any day that’s not today
or hold them to a promise
of a thing so far away

In metered time it rumbles
In her mind and on her skin
Like a wayfarer in the snowy past
Who begs to be let in

Now the nightlights stand as sentries
To a sentence sleepward passed
all of those so fragile minutes tenaciously bought flounder
as the weighty warmth of tender kisses and soft goodnights
topple her resolve

So with tomorrow racing towards her
and the light of dawn assured
it comes again to the last lands of flight and soul
where the final outpost stands

The days will come, and the days will go to erode away the walls
Til nothing’s left but a single stone
Where a single word is written
in that place a boy will grow
and on that stone be sitting

Until that time in dreams it stays
It’s message to her, his
That nothing in this life is certain
if the grown ups say it is

Inspired by Grace: Thanksgiving 2009