on May 29, 2013 in Poetry

It comes from behind as always this
disquieting of the mind.
Wooden arms and plastic backs
a Sea of faces concentrate
and think and I whirl and am verily
Focus becomes
Metal shimmers and the arms shutter for
the impatients
Eyes rolling internal the record plays
for the unhearing- word above word-
line beneath line up above and in be
between the silent home between page
and ink
where the sweet grass grows for picnics
and the soft songs are in the air for calming.
They cannot reach?
Buried- His Father- a voice from without.
The words be muddled and the walls are spinning
Response be on wings and passion rides as hope
Soon returned laugh I soon from
The darkness
Afraid to live in the sunlight for the
Creation lives not there
Too short a subtle blackness interrupting light
And leaves much in the confusion

How long this time? A week, a month?
What calendar or clock has marked the span that
I will spin wondrously destructive?
How many “thank you ma’am”- a simple boy
Too much emotion not enough heart, talk to me more
Stop ignoring me

I’m shouting expecting not to be heard

I must watch them walk away from my
Tattered self puzzled
It is more this time than it was before.
My mind, my back, my eyes, my legs all
in pain do lend themselves to the aching
and the chaos reigns when we miss the
rhythmic order of the beating.
Star in the north guide of the choice I
have sent you away
-no heart- paper planes and long
Highways gas is expensive can’t keep it
running- long lonely wait.
The shield arm is sealed in an
Ambassador of paper loved into a ladies hands.
Pretty eyes- pretty lips-
Kisses hidden in corners, but it’s not here now
Watch and wait, wait and hope
Tick-no-tock, time slides
Sideways to a realm where
The breaker of horses is gone quests alone
Mind directionless leads.
Watch the copper arrow spin as the
Others walk away
No sleep- too sleepy-
Saddle want and need and wait for that
Part…their conqueror
And smile a piece in disquiet perishable
And productive in its stay.

Written this Fourth day of October 2005

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