The Cost of Beans

on May 29, 2013 in Poetry

There is more between us now
than there ever was before
More than merely Earth and Sky
and what we’re living for

I awoke to find it here
it had blossomed over night
and in the moonlight’s crystal mere
it had grown full breadth, full height

A towering impediment on folly built
from where its seeds were careless spread
to split the sky through borrowed silt
inside a flower bed

I stood before that awesome sight
for far too long a time
an intimidated stillness into my footsteps crept
for far too high a climb

So if patience be a virtue
and hesitation, crime
I hope that in my sad delay
not to have crossed so fine a line

And as I mount this laddered vine
to close this deadly breach
I hope that I’ll be there in time
and you’ve not gone beyond my reach

Now I start the journey long
and though my limbs are weak
perhaps from folly, fortunes song
and treasure may we reap

for never was there greater friend
than that which reads this now
and by adventure’s fabled end
find a tale to teach me how
to close this space between us grown
with the stories from my Heart
and its life giving, drumming beat
of which you are a part.

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