On the night of the 6th of April 2011

on May 29, 2013 in Journal

Two boys, on a land beneath the ocean. The light from the sun filters through miles of water and seaweed forests as they look up through their watery sky. They aren’t on the bottom of the ocean, but rather from their little world inside the world the sea is their sky, hovering just abover the reach of their fingers like a low ceiling. They have few periods of light during their days as they are constantly moving in and out of the shadows of the continents that pass like clouds overhead. Once a day the ruins of an antique castle float over them like the rising and setting of an ancient moon. Both boys want to know where the light comes from, but they also know that they could never hold their breath long enough to swim to the surface. One of the boys tells the other that there is a great eel living in the ruins of the castle above them (I say eel, but it might have been a snake, when I woke up I couldn’t remember accurately for the life of me) that, if they can catch it, can swim fast enough to take them to the surface before they drown. So they jump up into the water when the castle is passing them by and swim into the ruins. Once inside they catch the eel, or snake, and it races up through the water (the sensation was incredible, felt so real) until it splashingly deposited them on the surface.

6 Responses to “On the night of the 6th of April 2011”

  1. Sarah VB says:

    I once had a dream where I got shot in the chest. It felt like I had skinned my knee. I’m pretty sure getting shot in the chest does not feel like that in real life.

    • Bowdoin says:

      Though I’m not willing to test my hypothesis I’m going to say it does not. Oh and you’re the first real person to comment on my website. Congrats!

  2. Fan #24601 says:

    Wait… The first ‘real’ person? Who, or possibly more accurately, what else posts on here?

    • Bowdoin says:

      Well there are wide swaths of computer generated comments offering to help me garner traffic to my website that must be cleaned up from time to time. And I’m completely enamored with the Les Miserables reference in your name. Truly one of the greatest books I’ve ever read.

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