Gmunden Nacht Wien (By train)

on April 28, 2015 in Poetry

Breathless, voiceless, strideless,
o’er the rumble of the train
for two hours Eastward travel
in the Oestereicher rain

and as the long slow stretch of tree line
begins to wander in the dark
the home fires are blinking signals
of the infant winter’s start

slowing, stalling, stopping
as the hiss of piston marks the platform labeled Linz
a moments hesitation
and Wien, by vale, begins

The horizon has gone hiding
in the disappearing light
and again the Sun has vanished
pretending it is night

The slowly blurring windows
are now all painted black
and the countryside has faded
just reflections staring back

Now a city looms the nearer
for a simple childlike rhyme
and in a last imagined castle
I will while away the time

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