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On my bed at night I asked Him
why my heart loves-
I asked Him, but He did not answer.
I wondered how I could have earned this hurt;
so again I asked Him that I might know
Why my love should hurt.
This I asked Him, but He did not answer.
Then Arabella came upon me,
her wings about my head whispering;
Do you know why my love hurts?
she had scarcely flown away
when I felt the unheard answer.
It filled me with a wealth of faith beyond worth
that I have since clutched to my
joyous, tearful self
in my now restful sleeping.
The lesson from all my unrequited love
was never curse, but a feeling by Him shared
That I might understand and love Him
better in return.

[upon a reading of Song of Songs Ch.3 V:1-5]